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Removing and installing, replacing a rear left ultrasonic sensor BMW M2 F87

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Risk of burning!

Work on the exhaust system may only be carried out when it has cooled down!

Lever out cable clip (1).

Slacken nut (2).

Loosen screws (3).

Feed out cover (4) downwards.


Ultrasonic sensors (3) can be reached from below with bumper installed.

Unlock and disconnect the connector (1).

Unlock latch mechanisms (2) and pull ultrasonic sensor (3) out of bracket.

Installation note:

Before installation of ultrasonic sensor (3) on wiring harness, clean plug connection!

Latch mechanisms (2) must not be damaged.

Make sure ultrasonic sensor is securely seated.

Installation note:

Make sure rubber ring (1) is seated correctly on ultrasonic sensor (2)!

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