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Removing and installing rear bumper trim BMW 7 E65

51 12 156 

Special tools required:

00 9 317

Necessary preliminary tasks:

Remove trim on bumper trim

Remove trim on rear light

Build date up to 03/2005 only:

Remove middle body moulding

Release screws (1 and 2) on left/right.

Unscrew nuts (2).

Build date up to 03/2005:

Release screws (1).


Bumper trim (1) is locked at sides in mounting holder and must be unlocked for removal purposes (risk of damage).


Insert special tool 00 9 317 at distance (A)

Disengage/unlock bumper trim (1)

Pull bumper trim (1) straight towards rear with aid of a 2nd person

If necessary, disconnect plug connections

Pull off bumper trim (1)

A = 60 mm


Observe gap dimensions.

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