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Removing and installing or replacing door handle on door trim, rear left or right BMW X5 F15

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Necessary preliminary tasks:

Remove rear door trim panel


Door handle is welded to door trim panel only on initial installation. The door handle is screw-connected on second installation. If necessary, release screws instead of welding spots.


Risk of damage!

To avoid damaging the contact surface, only drill to base area of door trim panel.

Drill out welding spots (1 and 2) on door trim panel with 8 mm diameter drill.

Remove weld residuals on door trim panel and, if necessary, on door handle with scalpel (for heavy duty use).

Release latch mechanisms (3) and remove door handle.

Installation note:

Secure door handle with repair screws on welding pin (2).

Welding pin (1) does not have to be screwed in.


Saw off welding pin (1) along line (2).

Completely remove welding pin (3).

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