Removing and installing or replacing clutch BMW

21 500 21

Special tools required:
11 2070
11 2170
21 2120
21 2130

Remove the gearbox.

Engine BMW M60, M62, M70, S70, M73:
Block flywheel tool 11 2 070.

Engine BMW M40, M41, M42, M43, M44, M50, M51, M52, S50, S50US, S52, S54:
Block flywheel tool 11 2 170.

Release crosswise 1 bolts turnover before withdrawing forces with clutch pressure spring.
Remove the clutch basket and clutch disc.

Clean flywheel and clutch pressure plate from dirt and check for wear and damage.
If necessary, replace the flywheel and pressure plate.
Check front bearing in crankshaft for ease of movement and lack of beats and replace if necessary.
Check the flywheel mounting bolts on the oil leaks and replace if necessary.

Check clutch plate for damage and rust on the slots, replace the clutch disc, if necessary.
A warning!
Contaminated by foreign substances (oil, cleanser, etc.) led wheels always be replaced!

Check clutch plate for wear:
Measuring the friction lining to lining rivets, each time at closing head (A).
rivet connection
A) Closing head
B) Swage head
Clutch disc should be replaced if the lining protrusion at closing head (A) is less than 1 mm.
Install the clutch disc on the pre-cleaned transmission input shaft and make sure that the drive is easy to move on the shaft.

1. flywheel / DMF
2. The clutch disc
3. The clutch basket
A warning!
Handle clutch plate with care, do not touch surfaces of friction linings.
Install driven plate (2) correctly.
Pay attention to the markings “Motorseite” (engine side) / “Getriebeseite” (transmission side)!

5-speed gearbox:
Align clutch disc using the special tool 21 2 130.
6-speed transmission:
Align clutch disc using the special tool 21 2 120.

A warning!
S50 Engine: to use new bolts.
Install clutch on the flywheel.
To avoid deformation of the housing, which can result in jerky when starting off, screw in the bolts manually. Bolts tighten in a crisscross pattern each time for 1 revolution.
Tightening torque 21 21 1AZ.
Remove the device.