Removing and installing or replacing accelerator pedal arm bracket BMW 3 E46

35 41 020

Remove lower section of the steering shaft,
see. 32 31 070.
Remove trim pedal mechanism,
see. The core group (HG) 51.
If necessary, remove the pedal position sensor,
see. 13, the HG.

Disconnect return spring.
Unscrew the nut and pull out the inside of the cabin bracket.
Tightening torque = 2.8 Nm

Click on the fixing hooks and pull the lever of the accelerator pedal arm.

Check the sleeve (1) of the hinge, when necessary, to replace them and lightly lubricated,
see. to BMW Service Operating Fluids.

Squeeze safety washer (1) from the protective sleeve (2).
Remove the plug (2) out of the groove in the steering shaft.
Slide the steering shaft up to be able to remove the bracket.