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Removing and installing manual gearbox S5D 310Z

Removing and installing manual gearbox S5D 310Z
1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
2. Remove the exhaust system assembly and its thermal shields
3. Disconnect electroconducting of a lambda-probe from a cross-section of a stretcher and from manual transmission.
4. Disconnect the reverse wiring harness connector D / V. Disconnect electroconducting from a cross-section of a stretcher and from manual gearbox.

5. On engine M62 remove the sensor
6. Disconnect the propeller shaft from the manual gearbox and post it. Support the manual transmission with a jack. Turn out bolts and remove a cross-beam of a frame.

7. On models with M51, M52, M60 and M62 engines, place a bar (special tool No. 23 3 030, – for motors M60 and M62, or No. 11 7 360, for motors M51 and M52) between the engine crankcase and the front axle beam. . On models with M60 and M62 engines, turn the front wheels to the left to the stop and lower the gearbox.

8. Remove the retainer (4), remove the shift link rod from the hinge and remove the washers (5).

Attention: At installation grease draft of a drive of a gear change.
9. Using a screwdriver, lift the locking clip upwards. Take out an axial finger f a lock ring and remove a rod of a support of the lever of a gear change.

Attention: When installing, grease your fingers.
10. Remove the clutch slave cylinder without disconnecting the pressure pipe.
Caution: The vacuum in the actuator cylinder should be reset gradually so that air is not sucked into the cylinder through the sealing collar.
11. Support the manual gearbox with a jack, unscrew the bolts of its fastening, take the manual gearbox back and remove it with the movement down.

Attention: When removing and installing the manual gearbox, do not hang on the input shaft, otherwise the clutch disc may be deformed. At installation screw bolts of fastening only together with washers!
12. Installation is in the reverse order. Pay attention to the centering bushings: if necessary, remove them from the gearbox housing and insert into the cylinder block. Replace damaged centering sleeves. Remove the clutch and the clutch release plug, clean and lubricate them in the appropriate places. If the grease on the input shaft of the manual gearbox is sticky, replace the clutch disc.
13. Using the case, check the clutch plate for rust in the splines and replace the disc if necessary. With the help of rags, remove the old grease and dust formed from the wear of the friction pad from the slots of the clutch disc. After that, brush evenly with grease for splined joints a thin layer on the whole surface of the splines, on the slotted groove and the neck.
14. After installation, bleed the clutch hydraulic drive, adjust the level of the transmission fluid and make sure there are no leaks.

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