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Removing and installing left or right front seat (normal / manual) BMW 7 E38

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Adjust front seat as far forward and upward as possible.


Note safety regulations on handling airbag modules and pyrotechnical seatbelt tensioners, refer to HG-72

Improper handling can lead to triggering of the pyrotechnical seat belt tensioner or side airbag, resulting in injuries.

Switch off ignition.

Unfasten seatbelt screw.

Tightening torque:

1AZ Seat belt,

Automatic reel,

Lower strap,

Anchor fitting,

Belt tensioner to body

E36 / E31 / E38 / E39 / E46 / E52 / E53 / E83 Replace screws 31 Nm

Pull retainer (1) backwards to unlock and pull inwards to remove. Lift Bowden cable (2) forwards to remove for seat belt adjustment.


Failure to comply with this disassembly sequence causes the web (4) to break, thus destroying the finisher.

Adjust front seat to maximum forward position.

  1. Raise finisher slightly on detent head,
  2. Unfasten and raise inner clip lugs,
  3. Pull finisher backwards to remove.

Disconnect connector (1) and remove (2).

Unfasten screws.

Move front seat as far back as possible.


Replace screws (microencapsulation) or install old screws with Loctite 270 (Sourcing Reference: BMW Parts Service).

Up to 1995 model:

Unclip front finisher and pull forwards to remove.

Unfasten screws and lift out front seat.


Replace screws (microencapsulation) or install old screws with Loctite 270

(Sourcing Reference: BMW Parts Service).



Floor carpet must not enter area between seat rails and floor panel beside screw points (grating noises).

Installation sequence:

Rear seat rails flush on underside

Lift front seat into vehicle

Unlock longitudinal adjustment on lever (seat rails clip in at back)

Install screws loosely in back

Slide front seat completely back (can also be set at an angle)

Align front seat

Install front screws loosely

Tightening sequence:

Tightening torque:

Type Thread Tightening specification Torque
1AZ Seat to floor plate
E31 / E32 / E34 / E36 M10 44 Nm
E36 / Z3 front M8 22 Nm
E36 / Z3 rear M10 43 Nm
E38 / E39 / E46 / E52 / E53 / E63 / E64 / E83 / E85 M10 45 Nm
Torque angle 90 °
E60 / E61 / E65 / E66 / E67 M10 (trilobular) Replace Powerlok screw 44 Nm

Tighten down front inside and outside screws

Adjust front seat to front detent setting

Tighten down inner and outer screws at back

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