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Removing and installing fuel intake BMW 3 E30 (Models with Fuel Transfer Pump)

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Pull up seat cushion (1) and remove
Installation sheet.
Touring – see Group 52.

If the fuel tank is full, draw off or unscrew drain plug and drain approx. 10 liters (2.5 gallons) of fuel.
Conform with safety precautions and legislation of a pertinent country.

Unscrew cover.
Pull off plug.
Loosen and pull off hoses (1 and 3).
Use new hose clamps.

Loosen and pull out fuel level sender slowly.
Replace seal.
Remove retainer for transportation when installing an new fuel level sender.

Turn fuel intake counterclockwsie and pull out carefully.

Replace seal (1).
Check filter screen (2) for dirt, cleaning if necessary.

Measure resistance* on connections G and 31 (ground) in “Empty” and “Full” float positions.
The resistance curve should not have interruptions.
Connection W should have ground in “Empty” float position.
G = Sender resistor
W = Warning lamp

Testing Fuel Transfer Pump:
Measure power consumption* of pump.
If applicable, check the delivery pressure*.

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