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Removing and installing front wheel bearing BMW 5 E34

Removing and installing front wheel bearing BMW 5 E34
Note: Fault wheel bearing noise manifests itself by the outer wheel when cornering, especially steep.
• Loosen the bolts securing the front wheel, lift the car and remove a wheel.

• Pry the hub cap using a screwdriver and remove. The hood must always be replaced. With repeated use do not provide sufficient tightness and water entering the bearing in a short time leads to its destruction.

• Knock shoulder (arrow) nuts (1) from the groove
axis using a chisel.
• Replace the front wheel and lower the car.
• Remove the hub nut. Warning: the nut is tightened big moment, so when it is the weakening of the wheel must be on the ground. Tighten also the parking brake, switch gear and ask the assistant to press the brake pedal.
• Remove the brake caliper and suspend it on a wire
• Remove the brake disc.

• Xpress hub (2) together with the bearing from the shaft. using a stripper (3). Filmed unit (hub with
bearings) can not be re-installing.
Note: If the bearing inner ring on the left axis, remove the brake cover and gryazeotrazhatelnoe ring, then remove the ring from the shaft by means of a stripper. To remove the casing brake is necessary to turn the head end three screws M6.
• Install the brake housing and new gryazeotrazhaetelnoe ring when they were shot
• Screw on the axis of the guide sleeve
• Press in the new hub assembly with the help of BMW accessories 312120
• Screw without tightening, the new hub nut.
• Install the brake disc
• Install the caliper
• Establish a wheel and lower the car. Apply the parking brake, switch gear and ask
assistant to press the brake pedal.
• Tighten the nut to 290 Nm, and then push the collar nut in the shaft groove with a punch.
Warning: After tightening the nuts to the specified torque hub assembly can not be re-installing.
• Install the new hub cap, after having put on its universal edge sealant.
• Tighten the wheel bolts to 110 Nm crosswise.

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