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Removing and installing front bumper BMW 3 E46

Removing and installing front bumper BMW 3 E46

Front bumper

1 – bumper beam
2 – bumper
3 – hole cover for towing
4 – lower grille
It has different versions depending on the model
5 – a cover of fog
6 – insert lattice
7 – Insert the automatic transmission grating
8 – a lath
9 – lining
For license plate
10 – mounting sleeve
11 – a bolt, 40 Nm
12 – a bolt
Only aerodynamic package
13 – mounting sleeve
14 – gasket
15 – Bearing Left
16 – shock
17 – Remote plate

The front bumper is designed in such a way that it can withstand without damage a frontal collision at a speed of up to 4 km / h. In this case the impact energy is seen through is inside an aluminum beam and two hydraulic shock absorber. Shock absorbers are attached to the two easily replaceable deformation elements, so-called shock boxes. At speeds up to 15 km / h the impact energy is perceived strain and shock absorbers boxes in such a way that no damage to the engine mount beams.


1. Remove the bolts -2- -1- visor wheel arches.
Remove the extra bolt in front of the bottom. Bolt in the illustration is not shown.

2. Disconnect and remove the visor front wheel arches.
3. Remove the bumper bolts -3- -1- to the shock absorbers bottom two holes -2-. 4 – number plate, 5 – fog lamp. To loosen the Torx head is required, for example, HEZET-880-Mlg-Torx-E2 with extension HAZET-8822-10, and, if necessary, tetrahedral adapter 958-2 with 5/8 to 1/2 inch.

4. Slightly pull the bumper, unplug the connectors audio signals on the left and the right.
5. undock connectors fog lamps, if any.
6. Remove the front bumper with the help of an assistant.

7. If necessary, Assamble bumper.
8. If necessary, put the lid on the shock absorbers. The cover often at removal remains in shock absorber.
9. Set with the assistant bumper horizontally. Dock connectors of audio signals and / or fog lights.
10. Insert the bumper into the side rails and push back.
11. Set the bumper parallel to the body and tighten to 40 Nm.
12. The distance between the bumper and the body should be at A = 5 ± 1 mm. Otherwise, remove the bumper and adjust height of bumper in the shock absorbers.

13. Height of bumper is adjusted by turning the plastic inserts with hexagon -5 -1 in the shock absorbers. 2 – nut, 3 – nut 4 – connectors.
14. Insert the front wheel arches visors and fix their bolts.

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