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Removing and installing front brake caliper and the brake disc BMW 5 E34

Removing and installing front brake caliper and the brake disc BMW 5 E34
• Loosen the wheel bolts.
• Remove the wheel covers. Note the position of the paint on the hub wheel drive This will keep the wheels balanced after installation.
• Lift the front of the car and remove a wheel.

• Remove the bolts (1) securing the calliper and remove the caliper together with a guide. Hang the caliper on zrovoloke so. to the brake hose and wear sensor wires are not stretched or twisted.
Warning: Do not disconnect the brake hose, otherwise venting required pumping
a hydraulic system.

• When removing the caliper full pre disconnect the brake hose from the pipe. Usually not required to disconnect the hose from the caliper. Warning: take measures to collect the effluent Use a vessel designed only for brake fluid. It can also be drained from the master cylinder reservoir via the siphon.

• Remove the cap screw (4) using a 5 mm rod wrench.
• Remove the brake disc.
To ensure uniform braking surface of the right and left brake discs must have the same roughness and structure. Because of this, both disks must be replaced at the same time.

At a workshop, you can check the amount of run-out of brake disks. The maximum axial runout of disc loaded shall not exceed 0.2
• Measure the brake disc thickness (see. P. 147)
• If necessary, remove rust from the brake disc and the hub flange.
• If you are installing a new drive, remove it from the surface of the protective lacquer using nitro thinner
• Install the brake disc on the wheel hub and tighten the bolt. To align the bolt holes turn the dial.
• Lightly lubricate the engine oil to the threads and bearing surfaces calliper mounting bolt heads.
• Place the calliper with a caliper. It does not twist or pull the brake hose. Check whether the brake hose touches for fixed parts when turning the steering wheel from lock to lock.
• Tighten the calliper mounting bolts to 115 Nm.
Note: If the brake hose turned away, connect it and remove air from the hydraulic system (see page 148)
• Install the wheel by aligning the mark on the hub and disc made during removal. Lower the car and tighten the bolts to 110 Nm crosswise.
Warning: after installing the pad, press the brake pedal several times until it is felt stiff resistance.
• Check the brake fluid level.

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