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Removing and installing engine (N54, N54T)


11 00 050


Aluminium screws/bolts must be replaced each time they are released. Aluminium screws/bolts are permitted with and without colour coding (blue).

For reliable identification:

Aluminium screws/bolts are not magnetic.

Jointing torque and angle of rotation must be observed without fail (risk of


Necessary preliminary tasks:

Disconnect battery negative lead

Lift engine bonnet/hood into assembly position

Drain off engine oil

Remove air filter housing

Remove cowl panel cover panel.

Remove fan cowl with electric fan

Remove radiator

Remove expansion tank.

Detach all coolant hoses from engine

Release oil pipes from oil‐to-water heat exchanger

Remove alternator drive belt

Remove air conditioning compressor

Detach pressure pipe from both exhaust turbochargers

Remove intake plenum

Detach vacuum line from brake servo

Unfasten ignition wiring harness and lay to one side

Release engine wiring harness from electronics box and lay to one side

Remove exhaust system

Remove catalytic exhaust-gas converters

Remove output shafts (all-wheel drive vehicles only)

Remove power steering pump

Remove reinforcement plate (all-wheel drive vehicles only)

Remove transmission

Release grounding strap on left engine support arm

Release screws (1,2).

Remove heater end panel (3).

Installation note:

Make sure heater end panel is correctly seated.

M6x20 bolt must be fitted in middle.

Support engine with special tool 11 7 310 on steering box.

Release screws (1) for A/C lines.

Disconnect fuel lines (1).

Seal fuel lines with special tool 13 5 281 and 13 5 282 .

Detach vacuum line from engine mount.

Secure special tool 11 8 680 to lifting eye on gearbox side.

Press locking pin (1) in direction of arrow until locking balls (2) are loose.

Secure special tool 11 8 680 to lifting eye. Release locking pin (1).

Installation note:

Special tool 11 8 680 is mounted correctly if the locking balls (2) are locked.

Special tool 11 8 680 is firmly secured to lifting eye.

Attach special tool 11 0 000 to special tool 11 8 680 in eye (1).

Screw in towing hook (1).

Attach special tool 11 0 000 to engine crane.

Suspend special tool 11 0 000 from the designated mounting eyelets (2) only.

Unscrew left and right engine mounts.

Remove left engine support arm.

Lift engine out with crane.

Installation note:

Fix special tool 11 7 310 onto steering box.

Assemble engine.

Observe following in case of exchange engine.

Check function of DME.

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