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Removing and installing engine BMW S14 / BMW E30 M3

Removing and installing engine BMW S14 / BMW E30 M3

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Disconnect the battery ground wire. Remove transmission.
Remove the splash shield.
Drain the coolant to the engine and radiator.
Fill and bleed the cooling system.

Loosen the clamp (1) and clamp to suction hose (near a radiator) and remove hoses.
Remove caps (2 and 3) and the electric wires put aside.
Loosen the nuts (4 and 5) and remove the air filter.

Disconnect the throttle cable (1) and cable cruise control (2).
Unscrew nuts (3) place on the holder and the cable with the holder side.
Unscrew the nut (4), remove the clamp and lift the vacuum hose (5) of the brake booster.

Loosen the clamp (1) and pull the hose off the intake manifold.
Release nut (2) on the intake manifold support.

Loosen the clamp (1) and remove the hose.
Unscrew the nuts and remove the intake manifold.
Check sealing rings, replace if necessary.
Tightening torque: 9 Nm (6.5 lb ft.).

Release clamps (1 and 2) and disconnect the hoses from the coolant expansion tank.
Unscrew the nut (3) and remove the belt ground.

Pull the ignition wire (1) from the ignition coil.
Remove the plug (2 and 3).
Unscrew the nut (4) and place the electric wire at the opposite end of the engine.

Disconnect the electrical wires (1 and 2) on the generator.
Unscrew the nuts (3 and 4) and remove the electric wires.

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