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Removing and installing engine BMW N52T

Removing and installing engine BMW N52T

11 00 050

Required tools:
11 0 000
11 7 310
13 5 281
13 5 282

Alloys of aluminum and magnesium.
Do not use steel screws. Danger of electrochemical corrosion!
When using the magnesium case, use only aluminum screws.
After each eversion, the aluminum bolts must be replaced.
Aluminum screws are allowed with and without
Color marking (blue).
For reliable identification:
Aluminum bolts are not magnetic.
Strictly observe the torque and the tightening angle (risk of damage).

Necessary preliminary operations:
Disconnect the negative battery cable.
Bring the hood to the maintenance position.
Remove the exhaust system.
Remove the gearbox.
Remove the air cleaner housing.
Remove the fan cowl assembly with the electric fan.
Remove the thermostat.
Drain the refrigerant from the air conditioner.
Remove the cooling system thermostat.
Remove the radiator.
Remove the condenser.
Disconnect all cooling system hoses from engine.
Remove the soundproofing of the front panel
Remove the intake manifold.
Disconnect the vacuum line.
Unclip engine wiring harness and pull to one side.

A towbar 72 15 8 108 670 is required to remove and install the engine.

Support engine with special tool 11 7 310 with support on steering gear.

Release nuts (1) on power steering reservoir. Put the tank aside (if installed).
Tightening torque 32 41 1AZ.

Remove the circlip (1).
Ras fix and disconnect the fuel wires (2 and 3).

Switch off the fuel wire (3) with special tool 13 5 281.
Switch off the fuel wire (2) with a special tool 13 5 282.

Release screws (2, 3).
Disconnect the pressure and suction lines from the air conditioning compressor.
Replace all O-rings and lubricate them with refrigerant oil.
The inhaling moment 64 53 7AZ.

Release the power steering pump (1) and set it aside (if fitted).
Tightening torque 32 41 20AZ.
Do not disconnect the hydraulic lines.

Screw the eye (1) into the cylinder head.
The inhaling moment 11 12 11AZ.
Hook special tool 11 0 000 to the crane for lifting the engine.
Adjust tool 11 0 000 only for mounting lugs (2).
Remove the engine with a crane.

Assemble the motor.
Check the functioning of the DME.

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