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Removing and installing engine BMW N20

Removing and installing engine BMW N20

11 00 050

Required tools:
11 0 000
11 7 310
11 8,680
13 5 281
13 5 282
72 15 8 108 670
13 5 161
13 5 162
00 9,030

Necessary preliminary tasks:
Disconnect the negative battery cable
Bring the hood to the maintenance position.
Remove the exhaust system.
Remove the gearbox.
Remove the front output shafts (only in all-wheel drive vehicles).
Drain the engine oil.
Remove the top part of the soundproofing of the front panel.
Remove the draft of the shock absorber bowl.
Remove the air cleaner housing.
Remove the bottom line of cleaned air.
Remove the left charge air duct.
Remove the right charge air duct.
Disconnect all cooling system hoses from engine.
Remove the cooling system thermostat.
Evacuate the air conditioning system.

A towbar 72 15 8 108 670 is required to remove and install the engine.

Open the cover (1).
Remove the nut underneath. Disconnect the positive lead (2) of the battery from the positive terminal.
The inhaling moment 12 42 3AZ.

Disconnect the vacuum line (1) from the vacuum pump.

Disconnect fuel line from quick-release valve (1).
Unlock and detach the fuel tank vent line (2).

Switch off fuel line with special tool 13 5 161.
Switch off fuel line with special tool 13 5 162.

Release screws (1) and disconnect refrigerant lines.
The inhaling moment 64 52 4AZ.
Replace O-rings.
To avoid damage when installing sealing rings, use special tool 00 9 030.

Unlock and detach connector (1) of DME control unit.
Remove the engine wiring harness.

Unlock and detach connectors (1) – (3).
Tie the engine wiring harness to the engine.

Remove the screws (1) on the left and right of the engine mount.
Tightening torque: 22 11 2AZ.

Conditional image:
Screw the eye (1) into the cylinder head.
The inhaling moment 11 12 5AZ.
Hook special tool 11 0 000 to the crane for lifting the engine.
Suspend special tool 11 0 000 only for the mounting eye (2) intended for this purpose.
Pay attention to the bottlenecks on the steering shaft and the front panel.
Remove the engine with a crane.

Assemble the motor.
Check the functioning of the DME.

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