Removing and installing cylinder head cover. Engine M60 / 1 – M60 / 2
1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
2 .Snimite upper engine cover.
3. Remove the top cover of the air cleaner with the MAF sensor.
4. Remove the plastic cover and are located beneath the ignition coil.
5. Remove the screws and take the middle of the left and right cable boxes.
6. Disconnect the positive battery contact battery in the engine compartment.
7. Give fixture and remove the cylinder head cover.
8. Check the condition of the head cover gasket and replace the gasket if necessary.
9. Clean the sealing surfaces from gasket residues and grease low surface Drei Bond sealant 1209.
Places of drawing of hermetic:
10. Install the cylinder head cover, align it on several bolts, then tighten the cover bolts to the required torque in the sequence from the middle to the edges.