Removing and installing control unit heater or air conditioner BMW 5 E39
1. Unlock the control unit (1). For this purpose, in the left and right areas shown in the accompanying illustration, insert two probes (2) and thus press the spring clamps (3).
Note: Probes must be inserted precisely in the areas shown in the illustration, using some force. If the control unit in such a way can not be removed, remove the center console, and then slide the back of the unit.
2. Remove the control unit.
3. Unlock and remove the Multi-connector (1). To do this, click on the stopper (2) down and tilt the locking clip (3) to the side. See the accompanying illustration. Thus the switch is removed upwards.
4. Unlock the other connectors.

1. Dock and secure plug connection.
2. Replace the Multi-connector (1). Connect it with the locking lever (3). Secure the locking lever (3). Check the connection. See the accompanying illustration.
3. Install the control unit by pressing in and fixing it.