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Necessary preliminary tasks:
Lower headlining

The assistance of a second person is required when removing the glass slide/tilt sunroof.

Risk of damage!
Removed glass slide/tilt sunroof must only be placed on a level support.
Do not place glass slide/tilt sunroof on cross member.
Place glass slide/tilt sunroof broadly across side frame.

During the following work the head airbag must not be damaged.
A damaged head airbag exhibits an impaired protective function and in extreme cases loses its protective function altogether.
A damaged head airbag must be replaced.


Drill out rivets (1) and remove holder (2).

Remove felt (1) on the left and right.

Release cable (1) from slide sunroof frame.

Unfasten plug connection (1) and disconnect.

Pull water drain hose off at front and rear

Helper must hold glass slide/tilt sunroof to prevent it falling out.

Release screws in marked area and carefully lower glass slide/tilt sunroof


Do not damage any surrounding components when removing the glass slide/tilt sunroof.

Remove glass slide/tilt sunroof fully.



Risk of damage!

The glass slide/tilt sunroof panel in the F22 has a smaller opening width for technical reasons.

In order to limit the opening width, tabs (1 and 2) must be bent upwards.

If necessary, bend tabs (1 and 2) upwards approx. 4 mm.

Drill out rivets and remove holder.

To stop groaning noises, secure all screws (1) prior to installation with plastic washers (2).

If the standard screws can no longer grip, use ”repair screws” (have larger threads).


Do not crush any cables when installing the glass slide/tilt sunroof.

Inserting glass slide/tilt sunroof:

Slightly tighten screws in marked area

Glass slide/tilt sunroof must still be able to move in the body aperture.

To prevent leaks, glass slide/tilt sunroof must be exactly aligned to body aperture.

Insert special tool 2 354 941 into centring bore up to limit position in glass slide/tilt sunroof and body.

Tighten down all bolts.

Tightening torque 54 12 02AZ.

Remove special tool 2 354 941 .

Secure holder (1 and 2) with rivets.

Apply cable (1) to slide sunroof frame.

Bond new felt (1) on the left and right.Note:
Without felt, there is a risk of damage to the sliding head liner.

Add final details to vehicle:
Fit the headlining
Initialise glass slide/tilt sunroof