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Removing and installing complete front bumper BMW 3 E36


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Unclip left rubber guard.Note:

Apply adhesive tape underneath.

Pull off rubbing strip towards front and unfasten nuts.

Unclip towing eye cover and unscrew nuts.

Unfasten screws and remove left/right covers.

Version with foglights:

If necessary, remove plug connection from foglights.

Version with external temperature display:

If necessary, remove external temperature sensor from left brake air duct.

Version with heated spray nozzles (outside mirror heated):

If necessary, unclip temperature switch from right brake air duct.

Unfasten bolts in left/right wheel housing.

All except M3 with sequential M-transmission (SMG):

Pull bumper forwards to remove.

Only M3 with sequential M-transmission (SMG):

Pull bumper forward somewhat.

Unfasten bolts (1) and expanding rivet (2).

Pull water container off bumper and allow to hang on hoses.

Pull bumper forwards to remove.


Make sure that there are no bends in the hose after installation.

If bumper bracket is defective:

Unfasten screws and replace bumper bracket.

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