18 00 020 

Disconnect connector for oxygen sensor.

Unclip the cable from the retainer.

Loosen the bolt connection of the flange on the exhaust manifold.


Check gaskets and replace if necessary.

Replace self-locking nuts.

Coat threads with copper paste -CRC-, refer to BMW Parts Service.

Automatic transmission Remove the suspension.


The transmission remains supported by the rear bearing.

Loosen the clamp on the exhaust bracket.

Note: Installation of the exhaust bracket differs for automatic and manual transmissions.


After the installation of the exhaust system is complete, align the exhaust bracket without tension.

Disconnect rubber rings of center suspension.

Disconnect the rear retaining bracket on left and right sides.

Take off exhaust system in downward direction.


Check the rubber mount for damage and replace if necessary.

Preload rubber mount in forward driving direction by distance A = 15 mm.


Check the position of the end pipe to the bodycutout.

If necessary, loosen the flanged joints and rubber suspensions; align and refasten the exhaust system.