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Removing and installing complete exhaust system BMW E38 750i with engine M73

18 00 020

Read out fault memory, clear if necessary.
Switch off ignition.

Cars up to 9/98 only

(without E catalytic converter):
Disconnect plug connections on oxygen sensors on left and right.
Unclip cable.

Observe cable guide and clip into retainers again.

Cars from 9/98 only

(with E catalytic converter):

Unscrew bolt (1).

Unscrew nut (2).

Remove cover (3).

Unclip plugs (1) from retainer.

Disconnect plug connections of positive leads for E catalytic converter.

Disconnect plug connection on oxygen sensor on right.

Remove cover on plug connection for oxygen sensor on left and disconnect plug connection.

Release nut (2) on negative lead (3) on body.

Negative lead:

Release nut (1) on negative lead on E catalytic converter.


Replace nut. Tightening Torque, refer to Technical Data 18 00 5AZ.


Cable lugs of positive and negative lead with conical seat.

Detach negative lead with special tool 18 0 050.

Positive lead:


Risk of breakage to ceramic insulation!

The positive lead should only be detached from the E catalytic converter in exceptional circumstances,

e.g. if the cable is damaged. On a replacement catalytic converter, the positive leads are preassembled on the catalytic converter.

If the nut on the positive lead has to be released, grip the cable lug and carefully release the positive lead nut.

If necessary, detach positive lead with special tool

18 0 050.


Do not make contact with connection points of positive lead.

Replace nut.

Tightening Torque must be observed without fail, refer to Technical Data 18 00 5AZ.

Description from this point on is applicable to both versions

Remove underbody protection at rear and heat shield from front axle support.

Detach suspension at rear catalytic converters from body.


Weight of exhaust system approx. 53 kg.

Support exhaust system with special tool 31 2 220.

Detach exhaust system at exhaust pipes.


  1. Without sealing ring (outer)
  2. With sealing ring (inner)

Installation: Replace sealing ring, refer to 18 11 015.

Release rubber mount for rear muffler on rear axle carrier on left and right.

Unfasten clamping bracket on left and right rear mufflers.

Remove complete exhaust system.


Preload rubber mount in forward driving direction by distance A = 15 mm.

Cars from 9/98 only

(with E catalytic converter):

After completing installation tasks, connect DIS Tester or MoDiC.

Select DME diagnosis

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