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Removing and installing carburetor PIERBURG-2BE on BMW 316 E30

Removing and installing carburetor PIERBURG-2BE on BMW 316 E30
Carburetor PIERBURG-2BE

1 Air damper
2 Float chamber. 1st stage
3 Throttle Body Assembly
4 Executive lever
5 Throttle cable
6 Air filter fixing bolt
7 Throttle Control
8 Connector of the switch of idling
9 Float chamber. 2nd stage
10 Vacuum membrane. 2nd stage
11 Fuel feed hose connector
12 Carburettor cover
13 Air damper control
14 Throttle Position Potentiometer
15 To temperature valve

• Disconnect the ground wire from the battery.
• Remove the air filter
• Remove the gas cable
• Disconnect the fuel hose by first releasing and sliding the clamping yoke back and close it. A clean screw of the correct diameter can be used to close the hose.
• Disconnect the vacuum hose from the valve -2-, dosing the supply of additional air in the forced idling mode.
• Disconnect the air damper adjuster connector -3.
• Remove the potentiometer connector under the choke regulator.

• Disconnect the throttle actuator -1-connector, before flinging the retaining clip.
• Disconnect the vacuum hose -3- from the throttle regulator.
• Unclip detachable connection of -2-speed switch from the clips and disconnect it.
• Disconnect the vacuum hoses leading to the temperature valve and the solenoid valve.

• Unscrew the carburettor mount (arrows) and remove the carburetor from the insulating flange.

• Cover the intake pipe with a -3-clean cloth to prevent dirt from entering it. The isolating flange -2- remains attached.

• Remove the rag, place the carburetor on the insulating flange and tighten the fastening screws with a tightening torque of 10 nm.
• Connect the fuel hose and secure it with a yoke.
• Connect the electrical wires to the throttle controller, to the potentiometer and air damper regulator and secure the connectors with clamps.
• Connect and secure the connector of the idle switch.
• Install the throttle cable (see section “Adjusting the throttle cable”).
• Connect the vacuum hoses according to the hose routing diagram on the carburettor.
• Install the air filter (see “Removing and installing air filter”).
• Connect the ground wire and the battery.
• Check and, if necessary, adjust the idling speed and CO content.

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