Removing and installing air cleaner housing and air mass meter BMW 5 E39
1. Remove the air mass meter. To do this, turn the handwheel at the plug (3) to the left and remove. Open the yoke at point (1) at the air hose. Clips (2) open with a screwdriver. Refer to the accompanying illustration.
2. Remove the bolt (1) and slightly pull the air filter housing from the suction nozzle (2) and the rubber support (3). Refer to the accompanying illustration.
3. Remove the mounting bolts and remove the additional reservoir (arrows in the accompanying illustration) from the air filter box.
Air filter models 520i, 523i, 528i:
1 – additional tank
2 – filter box
3 – rubber support
4 – suction pipe
5 – clamp
6 – clamp
7 – O-ring
8 – air filter element
9 – support frames
1. Secure the auxiliary tank
2. Insert the air cleaner housing with the bottom rubber support. In this case, dock the suction pipe at the wing of the body. Secure the bolts.
3. Insert the air mass meter with the O-ring and secure it with a clamp.
4. Put the air inlet hose at the air mass meter and secure it with clamps.
5. Dock the plug connector of the air mass meter and turn the handwheel to the right.