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Removal, installation and check of the oil pump. Engine M52

Removal, installation and check of the oil pump. Engine M52
Note: To check the operation of the vacuum valve is sufficient after removing the sump. The oil pump can not be removed.
1. Remove the oil pan.
2. Loosen the nut and remove the oil pump drive sprocket. At the same time, loosen the chain tensioner. See the accompanying illustration.

Warning: The nut has a left-hand thread.
3. Remove the bolts (arrows on an accompanying illustration) of the oil pump and remove it. Notice the two positioning sleeves required for proper installation.

4. Remove the oil pan down.
1. If necessary, disassemble the oil pump and clean it as follows: Disconnect the suction inlet by unscrewing the screws (13), unscrew the pump casing bolts (5). Do not lose the adjusting sleeve (4). See the accompanying illustration.
2. Check the rotors (2) and (3) for wear or scoring, replace them if necessary. Measure the radial clearance between the outer rotor and the housing; axial play of the inner rotor. The data are given in the specification.
3. Remove the retaining ring (10) and remove the pressure reducing valve, refer to the accompanying illustration. Measure the length of unloaded spring, replace it if necessary. The required values are listed in the Specifications.
Note: O-ring (8) must be replaced with a new one. Carefully insert a pressure reducing valve, insert the retaining ring.

4. Secure the suction pipe. The projection on the seal must face towards the suction box.
5. All items lubricate motor oil. 10 Nm Lightly tighten the oil pump cover.
1. Insert the oil pump, tighten the bolts to 20 Nm. To center of the oil pump has two mounting bushings. Establish an asterisk with a plastic chain and tighten the nut (left hand thread) 25 Nm. Install the tensioner when it was filmed.
2. Fix the oil pan.

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