Removal, check and installation work heater and air conditioner BMW 5 E28, E34

Models (E28) engine uses two separate compressors, one for ventilation and heating. And another for air conditioning. Models (E34) have the blower motor. Removal and installation of a single motor blower and motor for the heating and ventilation “retro” models are described below. Removal and installation of the air conditioning blower motor models “retro” are described in the section Removing and installing the battery / dehydrator air conditioning system of this Chapter.

If your car radio is equipped with a security system against theft, make sure that you have typed the correct code before disconnecting the battery.
If after connecting the battery labels on the instrument panel does not appear in the language of the audio system, refer to Section System of protection against theft and instrument panel language, which describes how to set the desired language.

1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
2. Motor blower is located behind the bulkhead, under the access panel. Give the panel screws that secure the front …

… And keep on top of mount this panel

3. Disconnect or cut the plastic fastenings, holding the wiring on the panel, and move the wiring aside.
4. Remove the panel.
5. Undo the fastening clamp blower casing and the clip holding the blower motor.


6. Disconnect the wiring and remove the blower motor.

You can check the blower motor, supplied with the voltage from the battery to the motor terminals, taking advantage of the combined wires from the kit to start the vehicle from an external source (make sure the fan blades are not will touch anything during the rotation). If the blower motor fan blades rotate at a high speed (this test is designed for its high-speed operation), it means that he is OK. If the motor does not work or is slow or noisy, replace it.
If you need to remove the fan blade assembly, mark their location on the shaft. At the plant assembly are balanced and if not to set them in exactly the same position relative to the shaft, it can cause excessive noise when operated or premature wear of the bearings.

Install in reverse order.
For proper installation of the mounting clip, you may need to crank the motor blower.