Removal and installation, replacement phone-holder unit (cordless handset) BMW X5 E53

84 11 610

Special tools required:
00 9 341

Remove the phone from the holder block.
Push the armrest in the center console and fold upwards.

Release screws (1) and (2).
Remove the trim (3) upwards breaking the lock force (4) and remove the forward movement.

Rotate the connector (1) breaking force latch (2) in the direction of the arrow and unlock.
Disconnect the connector (1).
Pay attention to the correct placement harness (3) wires.

Lower the armrest on the center console.

Lift latches on both sides with special tool 00 9 341.
Tilt block holder (1) in the direction of the phone of the arrow and removed from the front rail.
Pull underneath the harness and remove the block-holder (1) phone with armrest function carrier (2).