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Removal and installation of the rocker (rocker axes) Engine M20

Removal and installation of the rocker (rocker axes) Engine M20
Strong knock valves may be due to the weakening of sliding inserts rockers.
Note: When reinstalling parts koromyselynogo mechanism should be established on former places. To do this, they should be put in order.
• Remove the cylinder head and put on two pieces of wood

• Remove the oil line (1). unscrewing the cap nut
• Remove the camshaft sprocket.
• Set the maximum possible backlashes in valves
• Remove the cap (2) axes rocker, rocking them back and forth
• Remove the locking plate (3) axes of the rocker arm.

• Remove the spring rocker bracket.
• Remove the valve rocker vypuskhnyh axis. This six-cylinder cams must be sent
of the rocker arm. Slide the yoke into the first cylinder and turn the camshaft in the direction of the intake valves to relieve pressure on the rocker Thereafter rocker axis may be removed.
• Remove the rocker arm shaft of inlet valves. To fully discharge rockers rotate the camshaft in the direction of the exhaust valves and slide the rocker. After that, the rocker arm axis may be removed.
• Remove the rocker with the axes.

• Check the condition of the rocker arm. Rocker arm must be replaced with a strong deterioration of the axial sleeve and loosening of the sliding insert (arrow).
• When replacing the need to rearrange a new rocker arm bolt (5). eccentric (6), the washer (7) and nut (8).
This thickened portion of the eccentric should be facing down, and the opening – out. Bolt rotate so that the cut off portion facing the lug on the yoke. Then tighten the nut
Note: Bolt and Nut are fine thread M6h0,75.
Note: Check also the rocker arm shaft and replace if worn.
• Install the rocker arm axis so. to large oil holes facing downward to the valve guides, and the small oil holes and grooves for fixing plate – inside.
• Install the locking plate into the slots axes rocker
• Insert the plug
• Install the camshaft sprocket, cap, distributor rotor shaft and tighten the bolt
fixing a pulley torque 70 Nm.
• Install the oil pipe and tighten the union nut.
• Install the cylinder head.
• Adjust the valve clearances.

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