Removal and installation of the rear spring strut BMW 5 E34
Cars with non-adjustable clearance
Note: disassembly strut described HERE
– Body sedan: Remove the rear seatback
– Body Estate: remove the lining of the wheel house,
– Raise the rear of the car
– Place the jack under the trailing arm so that after removing the strut suspension has not gone down. Between the head of the jack lever and place a wooden shim
Warning: with strong lowering the wheels after removing the strut
possible damage to the joints of equal angular velocity axis.
– Remove the spring strut on the trailing arm by removing the bolt.
– Remove the protective cover of the top support strut.
– Remove the rubber cap.
– Remove the three screws centering cup racks.
– Remove the gasket.
– Remove the rack down.
Attention: shock absorber must be stored in an upright position. If a shock absorber kept retracted rod in a horizontal position, while driving can cause knocking. If necessary, it can be stored with extended shock absorber rod at room temperature for no more than 24 hours.
– Check the shock absorber.
– Install a new gasket on the centering cup strut,
– Insert the bottom of the rack and secure from the inside of the body with new self-locking nuts, tightening them to a torque of 25 Nm.
– Install the rubber cap and protective cover.
– Attach the rack from the bottom to the trailing arm, without tightening the bolt
– Remove the jack and lower the car.
– Tighten the bolt of fastening of a rack to the trailing arm torque of 125 Nm.
– Replace the rear seat backrest or the wheel arch liner.