Removal and installation of the instrument panel unit BMW 5 E39
1. Lower the steering column all the way down and pull out.
2. Remove the wooden visors left and right of the steering column.
3. Remove the cover. To do this, unscrew the three screws fixing the bottom.
4. Remove the three screws at the top and remove the frame. Undock connector switch fog lamp cover and hang the frame. If necessary, undock connector low beam switch. In this case, the light comes on, and the light switch is activated. To avoid this, remove the appropriate fuse.
Note: Depending on the performance of the cover can be fixed with two screws at the top and bottom and additionally fixed top.
5. Remove the two screws securing the unit and fold the instrument panel.
6. undock connector and remove it. To do this, open the clip and slide the cable.

1. Dock connector and secure it with a clamp. Make sure that the clamp is properly secured.
2. Insert the instrument panel into the hole and tighten the screws.
3. Dock connector light switch.
4. Replace the cover and secure it with screws.
5. Replace wooden visors.
6. Install in the normal position of the steering column.