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Removal and installation of the instrument cluster of the BMW 5 E34

Removal and installation of the instrument cluster of the BMW 5 E34

1 – the circuit board, the cover
2 – dash frame
3 – pad
4 – liquid crystal display
5 – 8 – pilot symbols
9 – button
10 – rotary latch
11 – bulb holder
12 – Incandescent 12 V 3 W
13 – Incandescent 12 V 1.2 W
14 – tapping screw
15 – coded connector
16 – diode board
17 – Gear indicator
In the BMW 5 Series all the instruments and warning lights are assembled in a single unit – a combination
devices. individual devices and the lamp can be removed after removing the instrument cluster.
• Disconnect the ground cable (-) from the battery
• Remove the steering wheel
• Remove the upper mounting screws (indicated by arrows) and lightly press down the top edge of the instrument cluster.

• Remove the instrument cluster of the instrument panel side, then tilt it forward and lift.

• To disconnect the connector on the rear side of the instrument cluster Pull up the lever located next to the connector.

• Connect the instrument cluster all connectors. Wherein the locking lever to be lifted
up. After joining the connector lower lever,
• Insert the instrument cluster in the instrument panel and secure with two screws.
• Connect the ground cable to the battery.
• Check the operation of all instruments and warning lights.

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