Removal and installation of the gear lever of the BMW 5 E34
Drive gear:
1 support arm
2 bearing sleeve
3- bearing pin
4 bracket
5 Self-nut M8
6 gearshift lever support pad
8- rubber boot
9- decorative leatherette cover
10 shift knob
11- traction gear
12 Spacer
13 retainer
14 Joint traction gear
16 Spacer
17 Lock Washer
18 pin
19 spring bushing
20 rubber washer
21- wire reversing light switch
22- wire clamp
– Cnimite the gear lever knob by pulling it up.
– Remove the top cover with a decorative cover and lift it with a suitable tool.
– Remove the insulation rate.
– Disconnect the protective cover from the body, and the console.
– Lift the car
– Remove the retaining clip (1), remove the remote Scheid (2) and remove the rod
a gear change (3).
– Insert the zhiniyu of the gear lever trunnion key and turn it on
90 degrees clockwise. Then remove the top rachag gear
with reference vklydyshem.
• Lubricate the support pad gear lever grease Molykote Longtherm 2.
• Install the liner so. its tabs into the corresponding slots holder Insert the shift lever and push it until the tabs on the right and left click into place.
• Install the thrust gear, put the remote lock washer and pull the locking bracket.
• Lower the vehicle
• Put on the gear lever, protective rubber holster.
• Install an insulating insert, which should be placed between the pad and the console.
• Install the cover with a decorative cover. To do this, first insert the rear part and then snap the front clamps.
• Enter the gear lever knob in the arm slot and push it firmly.