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Removal and installation of the front axle assembly (with amortization racks) BMW 7 E38

Removal and installation of the front axle assembly (with amortization racks) BMW 7 E38

31 10 000

Disconnect the battery,
See. The procedure for connecting and disconnecting the battery, main group 12.
Suspend engine with special tool in installation position,
as described in
“Removing oil sump.”
Remove the right and left brake discs,
see. 34 11 220.

Disconnect Connectors wear indicator brake pads and encoder system ABS on both sides.
Remove splash guard.
Detach left and right engine mount on the transverse front axle.
The engine BMW M57:
Detach left and right console of the transverse front axle.

Unscrew the nut.
Disconnect the tie rod from the steering pitman arm and the left knuckle puller 32 1 190.
On boarding the cone and the hole should not be a trace of grease. Replace self-locking nut.
see. Specifications 32 21 3AZ.

Disconnect the steering mechanism of the front axle.
Replace self-locking nuts.
Bring the steering gear to the front axle, put them together the mounting bolts (1) and tighten the bolt at first only by hand. Primarily tightened bolts (2), and then the bolt (1).
see. Specifications 32 00 1AZ.

Remove heat shields and reinforcements strengthening the body with the left and right sides.
Disconnect the cable from the battery terminal plus.
If necessary, disconnect the oil line from front axle.

A warning!
Disconnect mount front axle on the part of the body – under the front axle must be no!
Risk of injury!

Bring the jack with special tool 31 2 220 under the front axle.
Release screws on left and right side.
see. Specifications October 31 1AZ.

Loosen the nuts on the left and on the right side.
If you have to disconnect the connector stiffness control system dampers (EDC).
Lift the cap and pull it from the cable.
Replace self-locking nuts.
see. Specifications 31 31 1AZ.

A warning!
To prevent damage to ball joints and wheel housing covers to monitor the situation of amortization racks, not allowing them to bend much.
Lower the jack, with each spring strut must support the individual.

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