Removal and installation of the fan heater BMW 5 E34
• Disconnect the ground cable (-) from the battery
• Loosen the bolts on the tank bulkhead motornoto compartment (indicated by arrows! And remove the tank Pre-disconnect connector and hose.
• Remove the rubber seal at the top of the engine compartment partitions.
• Remove the bolts (indicated by arrows) and lift up the harness together with the holder.
• Remove the five screws securing the cover (indicated by arrows) The picture shows the cover off.
• Remove the cover.
• Remove the three screws (1) and remove the top casing of the fan heater by unplugging it from the bottom casing.
• Remove the bolt heater fan and remove the fan.
• Disconnect the fan electrical wires.
Warning: do not remove the fan wheel and do not turn it on the axis, so as not to break the balance,
• Connect the electrical connector to the fan
• Install the fan in the rubber mounts and fix a bolt.
• Install the upper fan shroud, combining it with the latches to the lower housing. Tighten the three mounting bolts,
• Connect the ground cable to the battery and check the fan operation at all speeds. Eliminate the fault noticed.
• Replace the cover and secure it with the five screws.
• Screw the lid wiring harness together with the holder.
• Install the tank, attach a hose and electric connector.
• Install rubber seal.