Removal and Installation of the exhaust system BMW 3 E30
• Raise the vehicle.
• Cover all bolted connections rust solvent and wait until it gets its act together.
• Loosen the bottom of the front pipe from the exhaust manifold.
• Support the exhaust system of wooden supports.
• Cars with the catalyst: disconnect the connector for lambda probe in front of the front of the tube. Unscrew the protective shield of the catalyst. Remove the oxygen sensor from the front exhaust pipe.
To avoid damaging the wire, rotate it with the probe.
• Loosen the side support tailpipe.
• Unscrew the holder of the terminal muffler.
• With an assistant system to lower the exhaust.
Before installing the exhaust system to check whether the are bent connection with the exhaust manifold flange, and if necessary to straighten the plug.
• Cover the exhaust manifold studs copper paste.
• Put the front part of the exhaust system to the manifold and evenly tighten the new self-locking nuts.
Изображение• Create front pipe with pre-silencer and lightly tighten the clamp. If desired, prior to assembly to clean the cone of the coupling front tube cloth of a deposit balances. When assembling ensure correct installation of the sealing rings. Always setting new self-locking nuts.
Note: It is recommended to cover all the nuts and bolts of high-temperature paste, for example, Liqui Moly LM-508-ASC. Potam then they will be easier to turn on. Cars with the catalyst: the threads of lambda probe aerosol spray «Antiseize». On the 325e model. in order to avoid violations of the contact, sealed releasable connection paste «3- Bond -Silicon». Screw the lambda probe in front of the tube and tighten to 55 nm. Connect the connector. Secure guard.
• Before tightening align exhaust system.

Flat part of the pipe should be held in the sill.

The distance from the pipe to the body should be 25 mm, otherwise adjust the distance of the terminal holder silencer.
• Fix the bracket terminal silencer so. that they are under tension rubber suspension of about 6 mm. To do this, move the terminal exempt bracket silencer slightly forward. This is necessary because in use the exhaust gayuv exhaust system expands from heating and thus occupies the correct position.
• Tightening torques of the exhaust system: Front pipe to the exhaust manifold – 45 nm; triangular flange screw connections – 22 nm; bracket on the gearbox and muffler – 22 nm; holder on the bracket, a rubber support – 10 nm; clamp terminal muffler bolts M20 – max. By nm; tubular catalyst bracket bolts M20 – 20 nm, bolts M10 / M30 – 22 nm; catalyst heat shield – 7 nm.
• Start the engine and check the tightness of the exhaust system, the exhaust pipe covering with a cloth.
• Lower the vehicle.