Removal and installation of the engine hatch drive BMW 7 E38
Hook lamp indoor lighting fixture with a lamp blunt screwdriver, remove the plug.
Pry rod screwdriver. Disconnect plug control switch by loosening the lock by squeezing the tabs. Loosen the screws key. Remove the engine with the drive and disconnect the plug.
Mount the motor with the drive and secure it with two short screws (2) and one long screw (1) slightly tightened their moment of 3 Nm. Be sure to use new bolts. If this is not possible, apply sealant to the special screws. Put the plug on the control switch, replace the cover.
Connect the plug of the lantern of internal illumination and set the lantern.
Adjusting the hatch and launch them into the work.
Set the hatch to the position of lifting, and then hold down the control switch in the direction of lifting. Hold down the switch for 5 seconds in the position of raising after each power failure or after the adjustment of the hatch. Hold the switch for 20 seconds in the position of raising after troubleshooting, easing drive components or after work on the drive cables. Set-up ends when the sunroof switch is pressed again briefly in the direction of lifting.