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Removal and installation of the engine BMW N52

Removal and installation of the engine BMW N52

11 00 050

Special tools required:
11 0020

A warning!
Alloys of aluminum and magnesium.
It is forbidden to use steel bolts. The risk of galvanic corrosion!
When magnesium housing only use aluminum bolts.
After eversion aluminum bolts must be replaced.
Distinguish aluminum bolts can be at the ends of the blue.
Strictly observe the tightening torque and angle (risk of damage).

Necessary preliminary tasks:
Bring the hood in assembly position.
Remove exhaust system.
Remove the gearbox.
Drain the engine oil.
Disconnect the negative battery cable.
Remove the air filter housing.
Remove fan cowl with electric fan.
Remove the cooling radiator.
Remove the coolant pump.
Remove the thermostat.
Disconnect all cooling hoses from the engine.
Remove the left and right vozduhopritoka box.
Remove the intake manifold.
Disconnect the vacuum pipe from the brake servo.
To release the harness high voltage wires and lay to one side.
Release engine wiring harness and lay to one side.
Remove the distribution manifold and lay to one side.

Remove the air conditioning compressor mounting bolts (1) and put it on the front axle.
A warning!
conditioner pipes are under pressure:
conditioner pipes remain connected.
Nozzle cooling system on the engine block does not disconnect.

Remove the pump mounting bolts (1) for power steering and put it on the front axle.
Hydraulic lines are not disconnected.
When SA Dynamikdrive unscrew the mounting bracket.

Screw the towing hook (1).
Suspend special tool 11 0 020 to engine valve lift.
Tool 11 0 020 and suspend only intended for the lifting lugs (2).
Remove the engine with a crane.

When SA Automatic: Raise engine approx. 10 cm.
Release screws (1).
Remove the pipes (2) with a liquid-oil heat exchanger in the direction indicated by the arrow.

Assemble engine.
Check function of DME.

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