Removal and installation of the engine BMW M62

11 00 050

Follow instructions for disconnecting and connecting battery,
cm. The general management, Core Group (HG) 12.
Disconnect the negative battery terminal.

Secure the hood in assembly position.
To do this, disconnect the damper from the hood fully open the hood and fix it with bolts on the left and the right.


Version 1
(Acoustic cover bolted)
To pick up a screwdriver and remove the plug. Remove nuts.
Remove acoustic cover.


Version 2
(Acoustic cover with press-stud fastener)
Press press-stud fasteners (1 – 4), at the same time lifting the acoustic cover slightly, and after unlocking all four gates to remove it.
Position acoustic cover and press it up until press-stud fasteners (1 – 4) click into place.

Disconnect the vacuum pipe fitting brake servo.

Remove the casing bolts full-flow oil filter and post it on the engine.
Pipelines remain connected.

A warning!
Catch and dispose of escaping fuel.
Disconnect the fuel feed and return hoses from the fuel rail.
Follow instructions for removing and connecting fuel hoses,
cm. 13 53 540.

Remove the air filter housing with air-flow meter,
cm. 13 71 000.
Remove the throttle body ASC + T,
cm. 13 54 060.
Disconnect the throttle cables. This operation is described in the section “Removing and installing / sealing throttle body”
cm. 13 54 030.

Disconnect plug connection (2) and disconnect the vacuum hose (3) from the valve of the fuel tank ventilation.

Disconnect branch connector engine wiring harness and lay to one side with cable boxes,
cm. 12 51 001.
Release mounting bracket to the diagnostic socket of the front shock absorber cup and post connector.

Remove left and right heat insulating plates.
Unscrew the oil drain plug for coolant on right and left sides of the cylinder block.
Drain and dispose of coolant.
Replace sealing ring.
cm. Specifications November 11 5AZ.

Remove the radiator,
cm. 17 11 000.
Remove the gearbox.
Disconnect from the starter battery positive lead.
Disconnect the starter mount and remove.
Disconnect the positive lead from oil pan, the left heel of the supporting bracket and the generator.

Disconnect and remove the air blow-off pipe of the generator.

Remove alternator drive belt,
cm. 28 November 010.
Remove the power steering pump,
cm. 32 41 060.
Remove the timing belt the air conditioning compressor,
cm. 28 November 050 simultaneously.
Disconnect the air conditioning compressor on the support bracket, move aside and hang out.
Pipelines remain connected.

Disconnect the ground wire from the right engine support.
Unscrew the upper nuts of the left and right engine mounts.

Disconnect hoses from coolant manifold.

Remove the left and right exhaust manifolds.
Until 09/1998
cm. 11 62 142/143.
Since 09/1998
cm. 11 62 060/11 62 065.

A warning!
Raise the engine can only be specifically designed for this eye.
Attaching rigging in front of the engine.

Attaching rigging in the back of the engine.

Slings engine using the beam 11 0000.

A warning!
Pay special attention to the narrow space between the piping system ABS, air conditioner compressor, the cylinder head cover, steering shaft and valve heater unit.
Carefully lift the engine.

BMW 7 E38
Insert engine mount in the rear opening (2) of the support bracket abutment.
BMW 5 E39
Insert engine mount in the front opening (1) supporting the heel bracket.