Removal and installation of the engine BMW M44

11 00 050

Special tools required:
11 0070

Follow instructions for disconnecting and connecting battery, refer to. The general management, main group 12.
Disconnect the negative battery cable.
Remove the ignition coil with a cup of front shock absorber.

BMW 3 E36
Install the hood to its highest position and remove the heater baffles (intake manifold housing). These tasks are described in “Removing wiper arm assembly.”

Secure the hood in assembly position.
For the next operation needs assistant. This applies to the left and right side.
Support the hood.
Release the clip (1).
Unhook damper and catch the ball joint (2).

Disconnect the cable from the throttle body.
Remove the air filter housing.
Remove fan clutch with fan impeller.
Remove the water cooler.

Detach heating hoses from the valve of the heating unit and the heater.

Release screws on the power steering reservoir, take the tank to the side and secure it.
Pipelines remain connected.

Remove the power steering pump bracket with the generator, move aside and fix (lines remain connected).
Remove lower section of the intake manifold.
Disconnect the engine wiring harness connector.
The plug and screw connections are described in section Replacing the engine wiring harness.

A warning!
Catch and dispose of escaping fuel.
Follow instructions for removing and installing fuel hoses.
Disconnect the fuel feed and return.
Remove the gearbox.

To hang out the engine on special tool 11 0 070.

Disconnect the ground wire to the right.
Detach left and right engine mount.
Automatic transmission:
Remove oil lines from the engine mounting bracket and oil sump.
Raise the engine.