Removal and installation of the electric range of adjustment of light BMW 5 E39

1. Remove the lamp, refer to Section Removal and installation of headlights.
2. Remove the lens. To do this, press the five little plastic clips (arrows on an accompanying illustration).

3. Slightly press the screwdriver between the bracket and turn signal lamp, see. Form (A) on an accompanying illustration.

4. Remove the gasket reflector headlights.

5. Press the lamp unit from the three ball heads (two to manually adjust the headlamps (1) and one for adjusting the distance (2) and remove the unit.
6. undock connector.
7. Remove the bolts (3) adjusting the motor and remove it.

1. Insert the motor adjustment range and secure it with screws.
2. Dock connector.
3. Install the unit lights on the three ball head.
4. Replace the gasket.
5. Insert the headlamp lens and fix it.
6. Adjust the lamp, refer to Section Adjustment of headlights.