Removal and installation of the BMW 3 E30 fuel filter
The fuel filter is located in the engine compartment, and should be replaced within the service schedule after every 60,000 km.

– Disconnect the earth cable to the battery. Caution: Do not open fire! Flammable!
– Close the hose clamp from the fuel pump to the filter.
– Remove the filter from the fuel line running to the fuel distributor.
– Unscrew the filter holder and remove the fuel filter to the fuel hose.
– Disconnect the fuel hose from the fuel filter, pre-releasing and sdivnuv clamp.

– Connect to the new fuel filter hose going to the fuel distributor -1- and fix the hose clamp.
– Connect the new filter to the fuel hose, covered with clip -3- and secure the hose clamps.
– Insert the fuel filter and fix it to the bracket. At the same time observe the correct installation position of the filter: the flow of fuel pass through the filter from the bottom up. -2- The arrow on the fuel filter housing must be directed along the flow of fuel.
– Remove the clip from the hose.
– Connect the ground cable to the battery.
– Start the engine and check the lack of fuel leaks in the joints.

Water removal and replacement of the fuel filter BMW 3 E30 diesel engine
Removal of water from the fuel filter should be carried out in the framework of the service schedule every 10,000 km, but at least once a year. The fuel filter should be replaced every 20,000 km.
– Release a few turns air release bolt -8.
– Substitute podohodyaschy container under the drain plug.
– The BMW 3 E30 324 td: press the drain valve on the cover -6- and drain water to precipitate the outflow of pure diesel fuel.
– The BMW 3 E30 324 td: udait air from fuel system (on the model of the BMW 3 E30 324d venting of the fuel system is made automatically when the engine is started). To do this, turn the hand pump wheel -7 to 90 degrees (1/4 turn) and swing pump to the fuel exit through the air exhaust bolt -8. Then again povernust manual pump impeller 90 degrees and thereby block the pump.
– Tighten air release bolt -8.

– Drain the sludge from the filter, as in the removal of water.
– Unscrew the fuel filter from the flange -4- filter -9 hand or if it sits firmly clamping key, such as the firm HAZET 2170. If the heating element is turned -2-, hold it with a leather strap or a clamping key.
– Move the cover -5- onto the new filter.
– Fill the new filter to the edges of the diesel fuel and screw on hand.
Caution: Do not over-tighten the filter. After laying adjacent to the flange to tighten an additional 1/2 turn.
– The BMW 3 E30 324td: bleed the fuel system.
– Tighten air release bolt -8.
– After a trip to test the control system power supply tightness.

1 – Seal
2 – Heating element
3 – Seal
4 – Filter Cartridge
5 – Cover
6 – Drain valve (only model 324td)
7 – Hand pump (only model 324td)
8 – Air Release Bolt
9 – Filter Flange
10 – Removal of water