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Removal and installation of brake discs for BMW 7 E38

Removal and installation of brake discs for BMW 7 E38

1. Remove the wheel. If necessary, remove and clean the brake pads.
2. Remove the caliper mounting bolts and hang it on the back without disconnecting the brake hose.

Bolts (1) securing the rear brake caliper

Bolts Front brake caliper
Note: The brake hose should not experience with stress.

Note: To release the brake disc mounting bolts are not allowed to hit with a hammer or something similar on the friction ring! If necessary, gently tap it with a hammer with soft brisk on the bottom of the brake disc.
4. Thoroughly clean the wheel hub on the coupling plane of the brake disc, remove traces of corrosion if necessary. Irregularities in the mating plane may cause warpage of the brake disc.
5. Ventilated brake discs are balanced by balancing brackets installed on the inner diameter of the disk – do not delete or move them.
6. Measure the thickness of the brake disc and replace it if necessary.
7. Install in the reverse order. Upon completion, the rear brake mechanism, adjust parking brake.

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