Removal and installation of an amortization rack BMW 5 E34
damper strut
1 – the top support
2 – a nut with flange M8
3 – a washer
4 – Self-nut M12 x1.5
5 – a protective cap upper support
6 – a sealing ring
7 – a washer
8 – the upper spring cup
9 – the upper spring pad. 3 mm
10 – limiting the compression stroke
11 – protective sleeve
12 – lower spring pad. 3 mm
14 – threaded ring
15 – the shock absorber cartridge
16 – rack enclosure
17 – wire holder
18 – pulse sensor ABS system
19 – Coil Spring
• Remove the brake caliper and the rootstock, are wired to his body
Warning: Do not disconnect the brake hose, otherwise after installation will require bleeding the brake system.
• Remove the system pulses the sensor ABS (if installed).
• Loosen the nut rod stabilizer bar, holding ball pin spanner.
• Place the jack under an amortization rack to prevent it from falling when loosening
anchorages upper support.
• Remove the bolts attaching the stand to the steering knuckle.
• Clean the threaded holes and bolts with a wire brush.
• Remove the protective cap of the upper support.
• Remove the three screws securing the top support strut (indicated by arrows) and remove the rack down.
Caution: Do not loosen the nut (1) shock absorber rod.
• Insert the spring strut at the bottom and fasten at the back of the new self-locking nuts, having tightened their moment of 22 Nm.
• Set the rack to the steering knuckle, drawing attention to its correct position (arrow).
• Tighten the screws on the rack to the steering knuckle and tighten them to a torque of 110 Nm. The bolts have a special snap cover and must be replaced after each loosening.
• Secure the thrust of a new anti-roll bar samostoloryascheysya nut. tightening it to 60 Nm. This facet of turnkey finger on the ball has to be parallel to the axis of the strut.
• If necessary, set the pulse sensor ABS system.
• Install the brake caliper.