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Rear suspension in detail BMW 5 E34

Rear suspension in detail BMW 5 E34
The rear suspension on the BMW e34 independent with trailing arm and amortization racks.
Carter of the main transfer and differential rigidly fixed to the rear axle carrier and is connected with a body through rubber support.
The propeller shaft is connected to the flange of the conical drive pinion. the drive shafts of equal length are used to drive the rear wheels. The diagonal suspension arms are connected with the rear wheels of the rear axle beam via rubber mounts that do not require maintenance.

1 – a rubber support
2 – drive shaft
3 – final drive housing
4 – Suspension spring
5 – brake disc
6 – Brake
7 – Diagonal lever
8 – an arm
9 – propshaft
10 – beam rear axle

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