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Rear Suspension BMW 3 E46

Rear Suspension BMW 3 E46
The suspension of the rear wheels

1 – helical spring
2 – anti-roll bar
3 – differential
4 – bar
5 – shock
6 – a support
7 – trailing arm
8 – lower wishbone
9 – upper wishbone
10 – brake disс
The BMW 3 Series has independent suspension for each rear wheel with a central lever. Each rear wheel is directed by three levers: two transverse and one longitudinal. Wishbones are connected to the longitudinal arm and the beam axis. Trailing bolted through the front rubber mount to the bottom of the body. On the beam is fixed differential. All the rear suspension elements are flexible and maintenance-free rubber bearings, which reduces the transmission of vibrations arising from the impact of road and powertrain, to cabin with passengers.

vehicle suspension is carried out by means of coil springs and shock absorbers. vehicle stability when cornering carried stabilizer bar.

Torque from the engine and Manual transmission to the rear wheels via a driveshaft, differential and drive shafts.
Warning: Do not hold the welding and straightening work on the rear suspension elements. Self-locking nuts, as well as rusty bolts / nuts during repairs be sure to replace with new ones.

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