Rear caliper, removal and installation BMW 3 E30
Note: It is recommended to purchase remanufactured calipers in exchange for a shot. If the decision about the repair (replacement of details of a support), then you can buy repair kits.
Disassemble and repair should be two carriage simultaneously.
Rear Caliper

1. A support assembly
2. Bolt the caliper bracket
3. Connection pumping
4. Dust cap
5.-protection spring
6. The guide slide
7. Wire the test lamp pad wear
8. Bracket cable sheath
9. Brake disc
10. Bolt with 6 inner hexagon head
11. Shield brakes
12. Bolt
13. Washer
14. plug
15. plug
16. bracket
17. Bracket cable sheath
18. The piston, sleeve, cover and spring
19. Repair kit guide sleeves
20. pads

1. Raise the rear of the vehicle, set on supports,
Remove the wheel.
2. Disconnect and plug the brake hose. If the support is removed to access the
other parts, the hose did not disconnect.
1. Remove the snap ring of the dust
cover and rubber boot.
2. Remove the piston by applying compressed in the cylinder
air from the pump.
3. Check the surface of the piston and cylinder. If damage (scratches,
corrosion, pitting), replace the caliper assembly.
5. Remove the rubber sleeves.
6. Rinse all details in methyl alcohol or brake cleaner.
7. Using the repair kit, assemble the support as shown below.
8. Dip the new seal in the brake fluid and install into the cylinder.
9. Lubricate the support cylinder (except for the front calipers) and the piston clean
brake fluid. Enter a piston in a cylinder at an angle. Install
new dust cover and secure the snap ring.
10. When assembling, lubricate the piston front calipers with clean brake fluid
and put a new dust cover on the bottom of the piston. Holding
piston caliper over the hole, get the edges of the rubber cover in the groove
cylinder, piston enter until it stops, then start at the top edge of the cover
groove on the piston.
11. Apply silicone grease rubbing surfaces of the guides and screws
install them in the caliper. Install the dust covers.
1. Install the caliper is performed in reverse order.
Note: Check the condition of the caliper bolts and replace if necessary.
2. Connect the hose and remove the air from the circuit to disassemble.