Prerequisites for headlight BMW

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Place the vehicle on a horizontal surface.
Replace any damaged lenses and mirrors, as well as the blackened filament lamp.
Check and adjust tire pressure if necessary.
Create the load on the driver’s seat (approx. 75 kg).
Fill full the tank car or put in the trunk of the goods with the appropriate weight.
Check the headlamps is correct with respect to the hood (clearance).
System Manual headlight range control: Turn the setting dial to the 0 position.
Automatic headlight range control: After switching on the headlights to wait approx. 30.
Version with xenon headlights: After turning on lights to wait for approx. 80. At this time, the vehicle must be stationary and not subject to vibrations.
To expose the instrument to adjust the longitudinal axis of the vehicle parallel to the plane on which the vehicle. Set risk (M) on the unit size (e). the scale interval on the device show a bias, see the removal of 10 m.

The boundary of light and shadow on the device to adjust the headlights BMW

E Set point adjustment of headlights:

– On the rating plate on the lamp housing in% (eg 1.0% = 10 cm / 10 m = 10 on the device for headlight adjustment).

Setpoint adjustment fog lamps:

– All cars 2.0% = 20 cm / 10 m = 20 on the unit to adjust the headlights.

H height of the middle of the light beam on the plane of a vehicle installation

H H – e = height of the label on the vehicle installation plane

+ Central mark = center beam headlamps

M instrument risk headlight

S plane of the vehicle and the installation of the device to adjust the headlights

Setting dimension (e) is only valid for EUR. Comply with the requirements adopted in the country.