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Piston rings installation. Engine M52

Piston rings installation. Engine M52
Before installing the piston rings, check clearances between the ends of the rings. (Pre-
it is believed that the backlash of piston rings has been tested and conforms to the norm). Lay new pistons with rods and rings so that the verification of the gap between the ends of the rings will be held on the pistons, and the
cylinders, where these rings are installed. Insert the top (№1) ring in the first cylinder and place it perpendicular to the walls, pushing its piston. The ring should stay near the bottom of the cylinder
about progress at the point of the ring.

To measure the gap between the ends of the ring-insert probes into the gap plates of different thickness,
until you find the probe equal to the gap width. The probe should slide between the ends with a small ring
effort. Compare the value obtained clearance from the technical data. If the clearance is greater than or less than normal, check once again whether the size of the ring you have the right.

If the gap is too small, it should be increased, or the ends of the rings may touch each other during operation of the engine, which could cause serious damage. The gap can be increased by carefully sawed ends rings fine file. Hold file in a vise and slowly slide the rings on the ends with a file so that the metal shot from outside to inside. Filing is made at a right angle and any burrs must be removed
prior to assembly.

Repeat this procedure for all the remaining rings. After checking the clearance between the ends of the rings, the rings can be mounted on the pistons. Usually the first set oil ring (the lower
it). It usually consists of three separate components. Insert into the groove of the expander. If you are using antivraschatelny tab, insert it into the hole drilled in the groove. Next, insert the bottom edge erasing.

Do not use the device for putting on the rings in the case of erasing the edges of the oil scraper ring as the edges can break. Insert one end of the erasing edge into the groove between the speculum and the groove wall, hold it in place and moving around the end of the piston is pushed into the groove edge. Then, in the same manner erasing insert upper edge. Once installed, all three parts
oil ring, make sure the top and bottom edges of erasing easily rotate in the groove.
ring №2 (average) is set as follows. Usually it is stamped label (TOP), which should be turned up to cover the piston.
CAUTION: Do not confuse the top and middle of the ring – they have a different cross-section.
Paspolozhenie piston rings:

Use your device to install the rings and make sure that the mark (arrow) looks up, then
Insert the ring in the middle groove of the piston. Do not stretch the ring more than is necessary to ensure that the piston has passed through it.

In the same way, set the upper (№1) ring. Make sure the label is looking up. Repeat the above steps for all of the pistons and rings.

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