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Oil Change in Transmission ZF BMW 3 E36

Oil Change in Transmission ZF BMW 3 E36
• Replace the mask after running, while it is hotter
• Install the vehicle on a lift.
• Remove the lower section of the engine compartment cover.
• Place the container for the drained oil.
• Unscrew drain plugs and oil filler holes of the gearbox and lubricate the oil
• Screw the drain plug with a new gasket.
• Use a syringe to draw the maspo into the crankcase of the gearbox to the level of the bottom edge of the filler opening.

Arrangement of plugs of holes on crankcase of gear unit of type S5D 310 Z:
C – drain plug; КЗ – plug of the control filler hole
• Fill the filler plug with a new gasket.

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