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Notes regarding refrigerant (R134a, R1234yf) and refrigerant oil (Sanden SPA2)

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2 different refrigerants and the refrigerant oil Sanden SP A2 specific to the country are used.

Before carrying out repair work on refrigerant circuit, always determine which refrigerant is used in the vehicle!

This information can be found on the type plate on the bonnet.

Europe Asia America
Belgium Great Britain Malta Sweden Israel USA
Bosnia and Herzegovina Ireland Macedonia Switzerland Canada
Bulgaria Iceland The


Denmark Italy Norway Slovenia
Germany Croatia Austria Spain
Estonia Latvia Poland Czech Republic
Finland Liechtenstein Portugal Hungary
France Lithuania Romania Cyprus
Greece Luxembourg Serbia

R1234yf refrigerant is used in the following countries:

Observe notes on handling R1234yf refrigerant!

Introduction of R1234yf refrigerant:

European countries listed in the table and Israel:

BMW i as of 09/2013

All other vehicles as of 07/2016

USA and Canada:

All vehicles as of 07/2016

The introduction date may vary slightly according to the specific country and model.

The refrigerant R134a will continue to be used in all other countries.

Observe notes on handling R134a refrigerant!


I01, I12 with production date up to 08/2014:

In the national-market version with R134a a wrong refrigerant oil is present on the type plate

Always use Sanden SP-A2

(Part number Sanden SP-A2: 2 339 920)

Refrigerant oil Sanden SP-A2 is used for both, R1234yf and R134a.

Observe notes on handling refrigerant oil!


Only vehicles with a production date from 09/2013 and R1234yf refrigerant/Sanden SP-A2 refrigerant oil can be filled using the A/C service station for R1234yf.

In addition to vehicles with a production date from 09/2013, also all previous vehicles without the electric A/C compressor with R134a refrigerant and both ND-8 and Sanden SP-A2 refrigerant oil can be filled using the A/C service station for R134a.


BMW i and hybrid vehicles (with an electric A/C compressor) that are filled with R134a refrigerant/Sanden SP-A2 refrigerant oil. These vehicles must be injected with Sanden SP-A2 refrigerant oil.

When filling the refrigerant circuit with R134a, always ensure you use the correct, vehicle-specific refrigerant oil type!

The previous ND-8 refrigerant oil must not be mixed with Sanden SP-A2 refrigerant oil!

Sanden SP-A2 refrigerant oil may be mixed with ND-8 refrigerant oil in vehicles without an electric A/C compressor.

To prevent inadmissibly mixing the different refrigerant oil types, rinse the A/C service station hoses after each drawing off/filling procedure!

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