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Manual emergency release of transmission lock BMW X5 E70

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Manual emergency release of transmission lock from inside passenger compartment no longer applicable to GA6HP / GA8HP gearboxes from 03/2010 onward:

From production date 04 / 2010 onward there is no Bowden cable for release of transmission lock in the E70 /71.

Release of transmission lock at vehicle floor is still possible for manoeuvring purposes.

Manually releasing transmission lock

In the event of a power supply interruption, e.g. flat battery or electrical fault, the transmission lock must be manually released, otherwise the wheels will be locked and the vehicle cannot be moved.


Secure vehicle against rolling, e.g. with chocks.

Press the brake pedal when manually releasing the transmission lock, otherwise there is a risk that the vehicle will roll when the transmission lock is manually released.

If the parking brake has to be released as well, observe the following procedure:

  1. First, manually release the parking brake.
  2. Then manually release the automatic transmission lock.


The release tool is located in the tool kit under the floor panel in the luggage compartment!

Slide back cover mat (1) of drinks holder and remove.

Open cover (1) in drinks holder base with release tool in direction of arrow.

Insert release tool into opening.

Turn release tool clockwise up to stop and press down.

Transmission lock is released!

Locking transmission lock:

Pull out release tool in direction of arrow.

Transmission lock is locked.

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